GOP JBC Members Respond to Governor's Budget

Today’s release of Gov. John Hickenlooper’s 2016-17 budget prompted the following responses from leaders of the Senate Republican Caucus:

Joint Budget Committee Chairman Kent Lambert (19th District - Colorado Springs):

"While most of these new budget requests contain few surprises, they demonstrate that a lot of underlying problems still exist with regard to prioritizing funding and fundamentally reforming the unsustainable growth of government programs that are not performing as well as they should.

They’re also symptomatic of conflicting, long-term budget pressures related to Obamacare, Medicaid expansion, pet economic development projects in the Governor’s office and rising state retirement costs, which Republicans have been warning about for years.

While many Republican-controlled states are making efforts to reduce the cost of Medicaid expansion, Gov. Hickenlooper seems to want to allow even more taxpayer spending on Medicaid beyond current caps, even as press reports indicate that significantly higher profits are being made by Colorado hospitals."

Joint Budget Committee member Kevin Grantham (2nd District - Canon City):

"We all need time to absorb the details but it’s clear from a preliminary review that we still have a lot of tough decisions ahead of us as budget-writers and lawmakers. The governor's proposal provides a good starting point for that discussion." 

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