Grantham and Wilson Unite Leaders Against “Gitmo Colorado”

Denver -- Many were stunned this legislative session when a committee in the Democrat-controlled House summarily killed a bipartisan Senate Joint Resolution 11, sponsored by state Senator Grantham (R-Canon City) and Representative Jim Wilson (R-Salida), voicing concerns about the rumored transfer to Colorado of alleged terrorists long held in Cuba.

But Grantham and Wilson, whose districts would likely be ground zero in any plan to open a "GITMO Colorado," refused to let that be the end of it. And their persistence greatly lowered the chance that any of the prisoners will ever come here.

After House Democrats killed the resolution, Grantham and Wilson, who serve many of the same constituents, solicited a letter and secured signatures from top state officials, including Governor Hickenlooper, voicing the same concerns to President Obama and members of Congress

"Although initially disappointed that Senate Joint Resolution 11 was killed in the House, meaning that many of the representatives were denied a chance to cast a vote on it, I am very pleased with this letter," Grantham said. "It shows a unified stance from both parties and from the legislative and executive branches that Colorado does not welcome these terrorists in Fremont County or anywhere in Colorado."

The May 11 letter reads in part:

"The majority of detainees remaining at the Guantanamo facility — over 50 of the 91 individuals now in custody -- are deemed to be so dangerous that they cannot be released to the custody of any other nation. The presence of dozens of these dangerous detainees imprisoned in facilities in Colorado may endanger the public safety of Colorado residents, public officials and corrections staff by exposing them to lethal retaliation by international terrorist groups or by persons already within the United States who are sympathetic to the goals of the detainees.

Our constituents are opposed to the transfer of detainees from Guantanamo Bay to any facility on U.S. soil out of justifiable concern for the safety of themselves and their loved ones. We are accountable to them and it is our duty to fully investigate the potential consequences of a transfer of detainees to our state."

"The high-profile terrorists already detained in Canon City require local law enforcement to direct valuable time and resources away from their routine work to prepare for prison visitors and inmate sympathizers coming to this area - adding dozens more terrorists to this facility will further strain their ability to serve and protect this community," said Wilson. "Coloradans are rightfully concerned about the Guantanamo detainees coming to our state, and if congress authorizes this transfer, this letter sends a strong message to the administration and to congress that Colorado should be involved in the discussion."

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Republican fascists pantie twisters trying to force their concentration torture camp to stay open… they put a target on the backs of our troops with their fascists policy of fear and propaganda…. cons are murdering traitors, every one of em….. make them pay.
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