Gardner Bill on Private Marijuana Clubs Blazes Through Senate

Denver—Today, the Senate approved Senate Bill 17-184 on a bipartisan second reading vote. 

SB 184 creates a definition for "open and public consumption" of marijuana in Colorado. The bill also creates a license for private marijuana clubs in which municipalities can choose to participate.

SB 184 was amended on the Senate floor to allow the sale of light snacks in marijuana clubs. Additionally, the amended version allows the exchange or sharing, not for profit or gain, of marijuana inside these private clubs.


"It is important to know that these clubs already exist," said Gardner. "Amendment 64 left us with many gaps in policy, and regardless of our feelings on marijuana, it is our duty to ensure public safety while prioritizing the will of the voters."

Senate Bill 184 will be heard once more in the Senate before continuing on to the House for consideration. 

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