Fee Be Gone: Late Vehicle Registration Fee Repeal Passed

DENVER – In a 19 to 16 vote, the Colorado State Senate has passed Senator Tim Neville (R-Littleton) and Senator Kevin Lundberg’s (R-Bethoud) Senate Bill 196, which repeals the late vehicle registration fee for Coloradans.

“Democrats don’t like the bill because they have less money to play with,” said Senator Lundberg. “Republicans like the bill because it takes the proverbial foot off the neck of Coloradans just a little bit more.”

Despite Senate Democrats’ pleas to preserve a steady stream of income for state government, Senate Republicans pushed forward to give Coloradans some breathing room when it comes to registering their vehicles. Currently, individuals have to pay a fee of $25 per month for any late vehicle registration.

“If your registration is expired, you are still ticketed for driving your car on Colorado roads and for parking on public streets, but to add an additional fee simply because you were late only hurts those in poverty,” said Senator Neville. “Many individuals are late on their registration because their car is not operable, or because they’re waiting for a paycheck, and we shouldn’t look to punish those individuals.”

Senate Bill 196 now moves to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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