Many common issues and requests are addressed in this section. If your issue is not addressed here, use the "Contact Us" button to the right to contact our constituent relations office. You can also track the status of pending requests you have made to your Senator's office using the "Follow Up On A Previous Request" button.

When does the General Assembly meet each year?

Colorado operates on a part-time, citizen legislator model. Therefore the General Assembly, which is comprised of both the House and Senate, only meets for 120 days a year. This happens between January and May of each year.

How many members are there in the General Assembly?

The Colorado General Assembly consists of 100 members - 35 in the State Senate and 65 in the State House of Representatives.

How do I send mail to my State Senator?


Please be sure to include your return mailing address, otherwise your letter will not be delivered

Name of Senator
200 E. Colfax, Rm 274
Denver, CO 80203

How do I know if my issue is a state or federal matter?

With the complexity of government it is sometimes hard to know whether your issue or problem should be addressed to your State Senator or your federally elected representatives. If you are unsure please contact our office and we will be glad to help you find a solution.

How do I set up a Capitol tour?


Capitol tours are free of charge. For more information please click here or call the State Capitol Tourism Desk at 303-866-2604. You can take a virtual tour here

Internship Opportunities


Interns are given the opportunity to work directly for a Colorado State Senator. They have the opportunity to research policy issues, draft letters to constituents, write tributes and press releases, attend committee hearings and legislative sessions, as well as get a firsthand look at the legislative process.

If you are interested in an internship with the Colorado Senate Republicans please email sami.davis@state.co.us for more details.

Flag Requests


If you would like to request a flag that a flag be flown at the Colorado State Capitol please email max.majors@state.co.us . Be sure to include the date you would like the flag flown, the name of the person who it is honoring and the occasion. Colorado flags cost $26.00 American flags cost $23.00. Checks can be made out to CCI and must be received before your order is processed.

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