Executive Committee Adopts Key Components of President Grantham’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Initiative

(Dec. 15) – Today, the Executive Committee of the Legislative Council publicly met at the Capitol and agreed to the following three key components of President Kevin Grantham’s sexual harassment prevention initiative:

  • Hiring a human resource officer to be on-hand at any time in the Colorado State Capitol, allowing an objective arbitrator to handle concerns and questions.
  • A third-party review of the policies and practices within the Colorado State Capitol. The contract will be awarded to an independent organization after an open and transparent bidding process is held.
  • An increase in the frequency for workplace harassment training for legislators, staff, aides, and interns from bi-annual to annual.

“Today was an important first step in ensuring that the Colorado State Capitol remains a welcoming environment for all of our elected legislators, staff, lobbyists, aides, and interns,” said President Grantham. “If there is room for improvement or deficiencies in our policies, we’re going to make it right.”


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