Energy Office Revamp Gets Bipartisan Boost

Denver -- Moments ago, Senate Bill-3 passed the Colorado Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee on a 9 to 2 bipartisan vote, signaling a possible end to the brinkmanship that derailed a similar measure in the waning hours of the 2017 session.

The legislation, authored by Senator Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction), includes the following provisions:

  • Declutters and streamlines the office by eliminating programs or initiatives that are unused, unfunded or obsolete;
  • Renames the “clean and renewal energy fund” as simply the “energy fund,” denoting the office’s move away from playing favorites;
  • Ends the office’s role in credentialing and training solar workers

One provision requiring Senate confirmation of the Energy Office director was dropped from the bill, in lieu of a requirement that the office’s budget be reviewed annually by lawmakers, rather than every four years. Scott believes the compromise achieves the same end, which is to improve Energy Office oversight and accountability.  

“Whether it’s oil or solar, natural gas or wind, hydro or nuclear, we all want a diverse and healthy energy portfolio here in Colorado, and that’s why I’m proud that Senate Bill 3 passed through committee today,” said Senator Scott.

SB-3 now moves to the Appropriations Committee for consideration.  



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