Early Win for Colorado Students and Families

Denver--In an early victory for equity in school funding, Senator Owen Hill's legislation to increase school choice for Colorado students and families passed out of the Senate Education Committee.

Senate Bill 17-061 requires school districts to distribute an equal share of mill levy revenue to both charter and district schools. 

Under current practice, districts are allowed to withhold any revenue from mill levies or property taxes, in addition to 5 percent of per pupil funding. 

"Charter students and teachers consistently our perform their district peers on state exams, but they operate with significantly less funding," said Hill. "My kids, like yours, are unique, and do not fit into a one-size-fits-all brand of education, they should be given the same opportunities and fair shots as their district peers and not punished for daring to break the traditional mold."

Senate Bill 61 now continues on to a vote of the Committee on Appropriations.

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