Dems Push “Back to the Future” Budget With More Than $54 Million in Budget-Busting Amendments

DENVER, Colo. -- Time-traveling Senate Democrats seemed to think it was 2013 all over again at the Statehouse today, judging from the costly barrage of budget-busting amendments they offered to a well-balanced budget put forth by the bipartisan Joint Budget Committee after many months of collaborative effort. 

Amendments offered by Democrats would bust JBC’s compromise budget by more than $54 million general fund dollars, making them unaffordable and unconstitutional. Republican amendments, if approved, would save $2.8 million in general fund dollars. 

JBC Chairman Senator Kent Lambert, during a budget caucus meeting, recommended a “no” vote on all of the nearly 50 amendments, arguing that most of those offered by Democrats were designed to fund pet projects or score political points. 

“Most of these amendments represent freelancing efforts by individual senators, looking to get in front of the pack or get around the process in an effort to fund pet projects,” said Lambert. “Offering unaffordable or unreasonable amendments to this carefully-balanced, bipartisan budget is just an effort to upset the apple cart because you didn’t get your way.” 

Lambert noted that many of the Democrat amendments were aimed at defunding Colorado’s private prisons or underpaying anesthesiologists, which could prove detrimental to public safety and public health. 

One-party rule isn’t the rule at the Capitol anymore. But some free-spending Democrats seem to be living in the past. 

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