Democrats Refuse to Trust Colorado Taxpayers

DENVER—Today, Senate Democrats refused to stand up for Colorado taxpayers and direct funding directly to Colorado roads and bridges. 

SJM 17-006, which urges Congress to allow Colorado to keep revenue remitted from gas taxes in the Highway Users Trust Fund, instead of sending them to the Federal government. 
In 2015, over $661 million was collected from Colorado and paid to the federal highway trust fund. The state then requests the funds back, and is subjected to regulations, mandates, and increased costs imposed by the federal government. 
SJM 006 calls upon Congress to trust state and local governments to make the best decisions for their citizens, and allow Colorado to fix its infrastructure in a manner that best suits Coloradans. 

"Colorado should not have to beg the federal government for an allowance that Coloradans paid for, it's that simple," said Neville. "Democrats claim to work for the taxpayers of this state. They say they believe in increased states' rights, but only on certain issues. Their vote on this simple action shows their true colors. Democrats do not trust you to make the best decisions on how to fund our roads and solve our state's issues. They want big government to step in every step of the way, and it is clear that if at any point Democrats tell us they trust Colorado voters, we should question if their motives are purely political."

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