Democrats Refuse to Hold Government Accountable

DENVER—Today, Senate Democrats refused to stand up for Colorado families and hold government accountable for continuing to uphold policies that encourage crime and make our communities less safe.
Senate Bill 17-281, carried by Senator Tim Neville (R-Jefferson County) and Senator Vicki Marble (R-Fort Collins), holds accountable local governments who fail to keep their communities safe by passing sanctuary city policies. 
SB 281 declares these policies unlawful under the US Constitution and contrary to public safety, and provides a course of civil action for those harmed by these policies to hold local governments liable.
Democrats offered four amendments to the Committee of the Whole report to show that SB 281 did not pass, refusing to stand against overly broad government immunity. 
"This bill isn't about immigration," said Neville. "We embrace legal immigration, and our diverse communities. Those who commit crimes in our state, who cause harm to our communities, and bring trauma to Colorado families are a negative mark, not only on our state but on our diverse communities. We have to hold government accountable and make those injured parties whole again. Republicans are standing up for Coloradans who need our help the most, why aren't Democrats?"
"These days, we see far too many instances of big government not being held accountable to its constituents," said Marble. "When government runs afoul of the people it is meant to serve, it is our duty to step in and correct these actions. We have to keep our communities safe, first and foremost. Those who are here, committing crimes that affect the safety of our families do not deserve the protection of the government more than the families who are injured. It is troubling that Democrats refused to support the Coloradans who ask for our help."
SB 281 will be heard once more in the Senate before moving to the House for consideration.
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I am all for helping and welcoming legal immigrants to our great state, and sanctuary’s for illegals is appalling. It is already illegal for communities to create these sanctuary’s, why are we not just upholding the law? I believe we should be arresting those public officials/officers that are breaking federal law. It is a shame that time and resources must be spent on SB 281, and if necessary I hope that it will have the necessary teeth to enforce the rule of law.
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