Democrats Get Chance for Do-Over on Magazine Limit Misfire

Denver -- Senate Republicans took another shot at restoring lost gun rights and righting a past wrong Tuesday, by introducing a bill that would repeal arbitrary magazine ammunition limits approved by Democrats in 2013, when they enjoyed one party rule.

Senate Bill-7, which would repeal the 15-round magazine limit imposed by Democrats, passed the State Veterans and Military Affairs Committee on a 3 to 2 vote. The bill was authored by Senator Vicki Marble, Republican from Fort Collins.  

Senate Republicans long have argued that the magazine capacity limit is an unenforceable and unwarranted assault on the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, which does nothing to safeguard public safety. The damage it did to Colorado’s economy became even more obvious recently, with reports that Magpul, a firearms equipment maker that left the state in protest over the issue, won a major military contract that could have brought new jobs to Colorado.

“Magpul’s good fortune in winning that contract could have been Colorado’s good fortune, and its growing workforce could have been Colorado’s growing workforce, if Democrats hadn’t embarked on this pointless and self-defeating effort to “do something about guns,’” said Marble. “Repealing these arbitrary and pointless magazine capacity limits not only will help restore lost rights, but it will help right a wrong that continues to hurt Colorado’s economy.”

“Repealing the law probably won’t bring those lost jobs back,” added Marble, “but it would give the other party an opportunity to restore lost rights and correct a major mistake.”   

More Democrats will have an opportunity to do that when SB-7 moves to the Senate floor for wider debate. 

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