Cooke Takes Aim at Sexual Offenders

Denver -- Senator John Cooke (R – Greeley) had first-hand experience with sexual assault cases during the time he served as Sheriff of Weld County, Colorado. That, along with a lawman’s passion for justice, undoubtedly accounts for the leadership he’s taken on a bill, which passed the Senate unanimously on Tuesday, which extends the statute of limitations on sexual offenses from 10 to 20 years. 

"In Colorado, we have no statute of limitation for forgery, but a 10 year limitation for felony sexual assault, which just does not make sense," Cooke said after the overwhelming show of support for House Bill-1260. "This bill makes sure criminals see their day in court and ensures that victims and their families are not robbed of the justice they deserve due to arbitrary limitations on prosecution."

The bill was partly inspired by the high-profile Bill Cosby case, in which several alleged victims could not press charges because the statute of limitations had passed. Cooke pointed out that many states have no statute of limitations at all on such cases, but believes a ten-year extension of Colorado’s rule moves us in the right direction.

An amendment by the Senate sends the bill back to the House for one more look. But it’s hard to see any roadblock that could can keep it off the governor’s desk, given the strong bipartisan backing it has. A signature from the governor will further cement Cooke's reputation as someone who can get things done at the Statehouse.

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