Cooke Bill to Keep Colorado Communities Safer Passes Senate

Denver – This morning marked another major milestone for Senate Bill 17-048, Majority Whip John Cooke’s bill to expedite the arrest of escapees from Intensive Supervision Programs (ISP). 

The bill passed unanimously out of the Senate and will now be heard in the House. 

ISP was developed to facilitate intense supervision of parolees in a nonresidential program while prioritizing public safety and maintaining the security of the community as a whole. 

Parolees are assigned to ISP in order to ensure the highest level of supervision possible, including daily contact through on-site visits or telephone communication, and often electronic monitoring devices.

SB 17-048 clarifies the role of peace and parole officers who have field experience dealing with parolees who violate ISP.

“Convicted criminals escaping from ISP is a serious public safety concern," said Cooke. "My bill clarifies existing statute to expedite the process of arresting escapees to keep our communities safer from dangerous criminals who reoffend by violating the provisions of their parole."

Senate Bill 048 now moves on to the House.  

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