Cooke Bill Combatting Wage Theft Gets Unanimous Committee Approval

Today, the Senate Business, Labor, and Technology Committee unanimously approved a measure carried by Senator John Cooke (R-Greeley) requiring transparency and reporting in cases of wage theft violations.

House Bill 17-1021 clarifies current law, establishing data on wage theft violations as public information and requiring the Division of Labor to release any findings upon request, regardless of proprietary information.

"If you're not paying overtime, if you're forcing employees to work off the clock, if you're paying less than minimum wage you are purposefully breaking the law," said Cooke. "Wage theft harms hardworking Coloradans who often don't have the resources to defend themselves, so we're going to stand up for them. We've heard from the business community on this and we're optimistic. Most of our Colorado businesses are good actors who care for their employees, but those few who don't should know that we're watching them." 

HB 1021 now moves to a vote of the Committee of the Whole.

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