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commented 2017-05-04 08:19:31 -0600 · Flag
We just need a Republican Senator to propose a change in the sales tax bill to a fuel tax or propose a new bill. If it can pass the Senate it would pass the House and then citizens could vote on it this Fall or Fall 2018. The money needs to be spent effectively. We sure could use more maintenance and improvements on roads. Would need to spread the money out over State too.
commented 2017-05-03 12:26:11 -0600 · Flag
A fuel tax makes perfect sense. Our gas tax hasn’t been increased in 25 years. Do we think our roads have stayed in the same condition for that long, or that increased capacity hasn’t been needed?
commented 2017-05-02 20:37:51 -0600 · Flag
How about allowing us to vote on a fuel tax for Colorado roads and bridges?
commented 2017-05-02 13:39:50 -0600 · Flag
This non-sense has to stop. Get a roads deal done, period. There’s no money in the budget to make it work and it’s unbelievably irresponsible to borrow against the future expected revenue increases, and even leverage state buildings. How does that make any sense compared to allowing the voters to decide whether to raise taxes? That’s why TABOR is there to allow for votes on tax increases.

This all about a couple of people preening and looking tough on taxes, basically putting their self-interest above the state’s interests and just denying math. If you have the courage of your convictions in an alternate no-tax increase plan requiring budget items to be prioritized to pay for fixing roads without a tax hike, tell people exactly what is getting prioritized-out and how that money is going to pay for the roads loan being floated. Don’t talk tough, be tough and tell us how math works in your World.
commented 2017-04-21 06:23:55 -0600 · Flag
If not a sales tax increase for transportation, how about a fuel tax?
commented 2017-04-06 10:54:54 -0600 · Flag
Please pass HB1230 to protect Colorado law enforcers from federal overreach.
commented 2017-03-31 10:25:28 -0600 · Flag
People who live in the metro Denver area, or anywhere really up and down the I-25 corridor, have an obligation to the rural parts of Colorado to see that they thrive and are not relegated to second-class citizenship. I believe we have failed our rural communities in the past. It is shameful that we may cut funding to help rural hospitals survive, for both economic and health care reasons. It likewise is shameful that we may fund more pollution and congestion generating roads in the metro Denver area, but allow rural highways and roads to disintegrate due to lack of support. Please, when considering the 2018 budget, keep the needs of our rural communities in mind. As for the transportation sales tax, I will vote against it in the election unless at least 50% of the projected revenue is relegated to mass transit improvement rather than highway widening.
commented 2017-03-24 10:55:27 -0600 · Flag
Please voice your opposition to the senate Bill 17-188 removing the tax credit for electric vehicles. The fact the Americans for Prosperity (aka the Koch Petrochemical Empire) supports these kinds of tax “reforms” should make you run in the opposite direction. I want to buy an electric vehicle and the tax credit makes it possible. Without it, I will not purchase one.
commented 2017-03-10 15:28:37 -0700 · Flag
I am opposed to
Gender Identification On Birth Certificates
We do not need legislation to create unnecessary confusion in society.
commented 2017-03-09 07:56:40 -0700 · Flag
I am in favor of the proposed sales tax increase to improve transportation. However, I am not in favor of widening roads or building new ones, as this encourages people to drive their cars and only creates more pollution, congestion, and harm to the environment. I want the sales tax increase to be used to make public transportation more comprehensive and accessible, thereby encouraging people to abandon their cars for routine transportation needs.
commented 2017-02-28 18:10:26 -0700 · Flag
Senator Owen Hill… I’d like you to withdraw HB17-1014, The Anti-Secret Ballot Bill. This bill violates 100 years of anti electioneering laws! The bill permits voters to photograph their voted official ballot and share that as well, say on Twitter or Facebook. Or send a copy of their ballot to their employer or county chair. It essentially invites union bosses, church ministers, the county sheriff, employers, county chairs, etc. to make it clear that loyal supporters/members/employees should post proof of how they voted. This is not good for Colorado! Pull it please!
commented 2017-02-09 22:57:23 -0700 · Flag
Hello Senator Neville, I am a resident of Senate District 16. Please support the legislation working its way through the Colorado Legislature on furthering protections for survivors of domestic violence. I don’t know when it will reach your desk but housing and safety for survivors and their children are very important considerations and I hope you will support them. Thank you Mary Jane Vinette. If I have made two posts I apologize but this is the first time I have used your site and it looks like the first one didn’t go through.
commented 2017-02-07 00:56:26 -0700 · Flag
Please vote No on SB17-003: “Repeal Colorado Health Benefit Exchange.” Thousands of people would be without health insurance if this goes through.
commented 2017-02-06 15:48:08 -0700 · Flag
Please do not approve Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary. The lack of experience is overwhelming. Make a better choice for the children of this country. One of you stand up and be a hero
commented 2017-02-06 14:19:28 -0700 · Flag
Please do not approve Betsy DeVos. She has no educational experience and is unqualified for the position as Education Secretary. Please think about American citizens rather than bowing down to Trump. Be strong, do the right thing for the country
commented 2017-02-06 13:20:24 -0700 · Flag
Please vote NO on SB17 003 to repeal the Colorado Health Exchange. This would send the responsibility to the Fed Gov’t and we all know what the leaders in Congress, the Senate and the President think about providing health care
commented 2017-01-25 09:44:46 -0700 · Flag
Our Constitution is unraveling. Our Civil Rights are being trampled upon. Seriously, what is the motivation or reasoning here? Are they proposing or advocating “Unpeaceful Protests”, “Uncivil Disobedience”? Possibly giving license to use violence against peaceful protesters? Paramilitary intervention? Martial Law?
Don’t blink folks, this is getting very serious. Never forget Kent State!!!
Colorado is one of the states proposing legislation to criminalize “peaceful” protest.
Please share. Contact your representatives, ALL of them, over and over again. Frightening and real.
They’re opening a can of worms, the effect which they can not predict or control.
commented 2017-01-17 19:55:14 -0700 · Flag
My husband and I will be attending the Women’s March in Denver this Saturday morning. We are very concerned about the Trump presidency and the connections to Russia.
commented 2017-01-09 09:17:06 -0700 · Flag
Don’t help Donald Trump take away health coverage from thousands of Coloradans.
Don’t help Donald Trump demonize immigrants and people of color.
Don’t try to take away abortion rights (again).
Don’t hold public schools hostage to further a political agenda.
Don’t make it easier to send unvaccinated kids to Colorado schools.
Do something about TABOR’s fiscal chokehold on the state.
Do something about neighborhoods and schools threatened by oil and gas drilling.
commented 2016-12-29 16:34:35 -0700 · Flag
Addiction has long been classified by medical societies as a disease. The American Society of Addiction Medicine, Psychologist, and many others are in agreement that it is a chronic brain disease. Why then does our society punish addicts with criminal behaviour charges? Would we lock someone up because they have Aids or Cancer or any other chronic disease? Do we treat those with smoking related (self inflicted in the beginning) diseases as criminals? NO! Hundreds of thousands of lives are completely destroyed because as a society we can’t find a way to help addicts other than to incarcerate them. That has been proven time and time again not to work and it is wrong. Look at the recidivism rates for addicts. Does it have something to do with the private/government money making prison industries? We as a Country can and need to do better than this. These laws need to be changed and the money funneled into the prison industry needs to be funneled into treatment of those afflicted. If we can spend $60,000/yr to house an inmate, why can’t we spend that $60,000/yr to help an individual that has succumbed to addiction?
commented 2016-08-09 13:50:39 -0600 · Flag
I really appreciate your work.

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commented 2016-07-20 06:47:23 -0600 · Flag
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commented 2016-04-16 10:48:29 -0600 · Flag
Your poll question asks
Do you think Colorado should have a caucus vote or a presidential primary in determining Republican / Democrat nominees
The answers are “yes” or “no”. This is not a yes or no question.
commented 2016-03-24 16:54:14 -0600 · Flag
As you consider Donna Lyne for Lt Governor please be aware that her press release covers up a lot of that she has done for the last 11 years. She has loss massive amounts of money for Kaiser multiple times over the last 3 years. Customer service has entered new lows of satisfaction. She has caused long and at time serious delays for patients to get care. Please take the time to carefully investigate her. She is a poor fit for the values and needs of out state
commented 2015-06-22 08:48:17 -0600 · Flag
Has anyone really learned what GMO modified food is?? Once you find out, I highly doubt you will look at your celery and chicken the same. I really am shocked that we allow companies to cheap out on the food they provide us and then they don’t even want to tell us! What is that?? It’s absolutely disgusting!
commented 2015-05-03 10:07:57 -0600 · Flag
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commented 2015-03-01 12:48:59 -0700 · Flag
I would really like to see the Republicans focus on repealing the voter fraud law that the Dems passed when they were running amok. We need to get rid of same-day registration and require picture ID both to register and to vote. Illegal aliens and dead people should NOT be allowed to vote. We should cut back on the mail-in elections, as they invite voter fraud in a variety of ways. If people value the right to vote, then they should be willing to put in the effort of registering at least 30 days in advance and going to their precinct to vote in person. The voter rolls should be purged at least every five years to ensure that only verified, living Colorado citizens are registered ONCE and voting ONCE in each election. Allegations of voter fraud should be aggressively pursued and perpetrators severely punished.

I would also like to see the drivers licenses for illegals aliens law rescinded. That muddies the waters way too much.
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