Committee Approves Coram Request to Prioritize Firefighter Safety

DENVER--Today, the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy Committee passed without objection Senator Don Coram's (R-Montrose) bill on wildfire prevention. 


House Bill 17-1070 asks the Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology and Aerial Firefighting (Center of Excellence) in the Department of Public Safety to conduct a study on the use of unmanned aircraft systems for public safety and wildfire prevention. 
These drones are controlled from the ground and do not need a human pilot, protecting more of our first responders from unnecessary danger. The study will assess how well drones are capable of identifying, and reporting wildfire risks in order to prevent and contain their spread.
"In the past year alone, Colorado has seen 16 fires with nearly 60,000 acres burned," said Coram. "Preventing wildfire and keeping our emergency responders out of harm's way has to be a top priority in our state. New and emerging technology can help us pioneer new solutions to tackle this problem. As the weather gets warmer and dryer, there really is no time to waste." 
HB 1070 now continues on to a vote of the Committee on Appropriations.
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