Committee Approves Bill Clarifying Good Time Statutes

Denver – Today, Majority Whip John Cooke’s (R-Greeley) bill to clarify and consolidate good times procedure for county jail inmates passed the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

 Currently, a patchwork of policies and statutes govern procedures on time earned and good time for county jail inmates. This often leads to confusion for inmates, families, and County Sheriffs. 

House Bill 17-1015 sets the following standard procedure in statute for good time and time earned policies:

  • 1 day for each 15 days of the sentence for faithfully performing the duties assigned him or her; plus

  • 10 days for each 30 days of the sentence for completing or demonstrating outstanding progress in a designated program or educational activity within the jail; plus

  • 13 days for each 30 days of the sentence on his or her sentence for being designated by the county sheriff as a trusty prisoner, performing work within or outside the jail in a creditable manner, and conducting him- or herself by the rules; and

  • 13 days for each 30 days of the sentence if the inmate is sentenced to jail as a direct sentence or as a condition of probation and is permitted to participate in work, educational programming outside the jail, medical release, home detention, or day reporting programs.

  • An inmate shall not receive more than 15 days during a 30 day period

"Not only are County Sheriffs struggling to navigate these convoluted, conflicting, and often outdates statutes, but families of inmates are feeling the very real emotional burden caused by a lack of clear information," said Cooke. "It's our responsibility to clarify these procedures for members of the criminal justice community and exceptional inmates who are doing their time and trying to reform." 

House Bill 17-1015 now moves on to a vote of the Committee of the Whole.

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commented 2017-11-27 14:52:25 -0700 · Flag
I’m curious about the bill also… any update? Also is this just for county jails or does it include Colorado Prison system??
commented 2017-11-10 18:44:36 -0700 · Flag
May I ask when this statute/bill officially passed and once passed, how long until it legally takes effect? Earned time in county jail 2017. What statute is it? What are the laws for upholding new Bill? Thank you
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