Capitol ID Card Proposal Swipes Past Committee

DENVER – Senator John Cooke’s (R-Greeley) Senate Bill-116, which would allow private individuals to purchase Colorado State Capitol identification cards after clearing a full background check passed the Finance Committee yesterday on a bipartisan 4-1 vote.

“This is the people’s house,” said Senator Cooke. “We should have as few barriers as possible to let people enter. Consider the TSA’s Precheck program, which allows individuals who fly often to fly past the security lines after they jump through just a few hoops. This would be just like that, with our ‘frequent flyers’ being activists, lobbyists, reporters, and concerned citizens who often visit the capitol.”

The bill would collect fees for each identification card, which would apply directly to security fees for the State Capitol.

The bill now moves to the Appropriations Committee for consideration.

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