Campus Safety Will Remain a Priority for Martinez Humenik

DENVER - Colorado State Senator Beth Martinez Humenik, a Republican from Thornton, released the following statement today in response to the failure of House Bill-1391 to pass the Senate Appropriations Committee. The bill was aimed at bringing clarity and uniformity to how sexual misconduct cases are handled on Colorado's college campuses.

“It was a huge personal disappoint to see the bill fail today after eight months and long hours of collaborative work with the coalition of stakeholders. On a positive note, it did put a spotlight on an important issue that affects all of our community college and university campuses. We tackled a big topic by talking about victim’s rights, student privacy protections, due process, student safety and the need for a consistent guidance policy regarding the procedural process of how sexual assault is handled at our institutions of higher learning.

Often when we tackle big issues at the Statehouse, it takes more than try before we can get a topic addressed and the change needed implemented. I intend to keep working with colleagues and the coalition of stakeholders to address some concerns that still need to be worked through.

While the outcome today may not provide parents who send their kids off to college the comfort and the peace of mind I want them to have, I remain confident that we can offer an improved bill at the beginning of the session next year that can be successful. It will take some compromise to find common ground and some additional work, however, if we all roll up our sleeves to do what’s needed, we can get this bill across the finish line in 2019.

A lot of the hard work already has been done. I really believe we can get this done next year, if we can start from where we left off and build on that."


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