Cadman Statement on Offenses Against Unborn Children Act

DENVER, Colo. -- Senate President Bill Cadman (R-Colorado Springs) released the following statement today following the introduction of SB-268, the Offenses Against Unborn Children Act.


"Colorado’s conscience was shaken less than one month ago by two disturbing events. The first event was the murder of Aurora Wilkins and injury of her mother, Michelle Wilkins, in one of the most heinous crimes in recent memory. The second event was a decision by Boulder County’s District Attorney not to bring murder charges in the death of Aurora Wilkins, citing the fact that Colorado law makes no provision for such a charge in this or similar circumstances. Most Coloradans undoubtedly were surprised to learn that this unborn child isn’t afforded the same legal protection, the same claim to justice, the same equality under law that her mother is.

With more than 60,000 babies delivered here each year, each and every one of these brand new Coloradans deserves equal protection under Colorado law. Unfortunately, Aurora Wilkins and other victims have been denied justice. SB-268 offers a reasonable and legally proven remedy to this deficiency while protecting the rights of women to make their own health care choices.

This bill is comparable to federal law and the laws of nearly forty other states. It has been found to appropriately protect women's rights while extending rights to their unborn children. The U.S. Supreme Court has sanctioned this very concept as providing the balance needed to ensure justice for both.

Victims of criminal acts and their families deserve justice; society demands it. This bill is about ensuring that our justice system delivers what it promises."

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