Cadman Statement On Lack of Murder Charges in Longmont Case

Senate President Bill Cadman today released the following statement in response to the decision of Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett not to bring murder charges in the recent death of a Longmont infant cut from its mother’s body.

“This is a sad day for the mothers of Colorado. And for the fathers of Colorado. And for every Coloradan who was stunned to learn that no murder charges will be brought on behalf of a Longmont infant savagely cut from its mother’s body in one of the most horrific crimes in recent memory.

This shocking lack of murder charges, in defense of an obvious murder victim, not only deeply offends our sense of humanity and justice. It also highlights a void in Colorado law that must be addressed if we want to give a measure of justice to this child that Boulder’s DA can’t or won’t.

This was a child. This child was murdered. That Coloradans have no way to hold the murderer responsible, or deliver justice for the victims, is a gap in Colorado’s justice system which can no longer be ignored.

It is past time to demand justice for murdered infants by changing Colorado law so that prosecutors will be able to bring homicide charges in cases like this. Our mothers deserve nothing less. All our parents and children deserve nothing less. Our basic sense of justice and humanity demands nothing less. Let’s make Colorado a place where mothers and their unborn children are valued, protected and enjoy equal protection under the law.” 

President Cadman said legislation is being written that will update Colorado statutes to extend legal protections against criminal acts to unborn children -- protections they currently have in 38 other states.


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