Cadman: Department of Insurance Breaks Promise to Coloradans

Senate President Bill Cadman released the following statement today in response to reports that the Colorado Department of Insurance will end the exemption for so called non-compliant health plans at the end of the year, effectively leaving an estimated 190,000 Coloradans without insurance and in the lurch.

“The actions of Colorado’s insurance division will be a huge blow to another 190,000 Coloradans who will be forced out of their existing healthcare plans.  At a time when numerous states are actively seeking waivers to get from under stifling federal mandates in countless areas – education, transportation, healthcare, energy generation – it’s inconceivable that Colorado’s governor would command the insurance commissioner to disregard our existing waiver.  This will bring the number of Colorado’s Obamacare orphans to more than 520,000.  

Coloradans were promised an option to keep their doctor and their healthcare plan.  Unless Governor Hickenlooper intervenes to correct this course of action, not only will that promise be broken, it will be smashed to pieces.”

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