Cadman Clarifies Comments Published in The Denver Post

Colorado Senate President Bill Cadman offered the following clarification in response to a blog post in this morning’s Denver Post


“I want to clarify the meaning of remarks made earlier today, which may lead to misunderstandings if taken out of context. I wasn’t misquoted by the reporter but nothing I said should be interpreted as aligning me with Democrats, or against Republican colleagues, on the question of nominating and confirming a replacement for Justice Scalia. My comment that ‘both sides have a job to do’ simply meant that the Senate’s job of confirming a nominee, through its powers of advice and consent, is equal in importance to the President’s job of nominating someone. If a majority of Senators choose to reject a nominee, or delay confirmation until after President Obama leaves office, they are perfectly within their rights, in my opinion, and doing the ‘job’ the Constitution assigns them.  My comments regarding 'political posturing' could just as easily be aimed at Democrats as Republicans. I simply observed that the timing of this vacancy gives Republicans added leverage in possibly shaping and influencing the legal leanings of any potential nominee.”



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Snake oil salesman caught by townsfolk, just before he was tarred and feathered
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