Brophy Urges Hickenlooper to Declare a State of Emergency Due to Propane Shortage

Senator Greg Brophy (R-Wray) today sent a letter to Governor John Hickenlooper requesting that he declare a state of emergency in Colorado due to the propane shortage affecting the state and take action to alleviate the hardships facing Coloradans affected by the shortage.

Please see below for a full version of Senator Brophy’s letter or click here to view a pdf version.


Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

The national propane shortage has put Colorado’s citizens and propane suppliers in a dire situation. I was recently contacted by the Colorado Propane Gas Association and a number of my constituents, whose heating bills have soared through the roof. I urge you to declare a state of emergency due to the scarcity of propane and spike in propane prices and grant an hours of service waiver to propane transportation companies. 

The recent nationwide surge in the price of propane has made it difficult for many Coloradans to heat their homes. According to Aggie Berens, manager of the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, Coloradans with low income can receive a maximum benefit of $800 in cold months to offset heating costs. Many Coloradans have already received this maximum benefit and, as such, will have difficulty heating their homes in the months ahead. Emergency LIHEAP funds may be needed to help Coloradans keep warm through the winter. 

Additionally, many propane transporters that usually serve Colorado have been diverted to other parts of the country in order to alleviate other states’ severe shortages. This redirection of the propane supply is making it difficult for suppliers to serve Coloradans and causing the price of propane to rise. As transportation options increase, Coloradoans should see prices drop. In the meantime, an hours of service waiver would remove much of the burden from propane delivery companies. 

Other states have already begun implementing emergency measures to offset rising propane costs. Transportation waivers are already in place in many other states. Implementing similar waivers in Colorado would help to increase the supply of propane, thereby lowering the price. 

Colorado’s propane shortage is putting propane companies in a severe bind and making it hard for many Coloradans to heat their homes. I strongly advise you to declare a state of emergency and grant propane transportation companies an hours of service waiver. 


Senator Greg Brophy 

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