Bipartisan Senate Primary Plan Emerges

Denver -- Senator Kevin Lundberg (R-Larimer County) today introduced new legislation aimed at restoring Colorado's presidential primary, which was repealed by the legislature in 2003. The bipartisan bill, "Restoring Presidential Primaries," reestablishes Colorado's traditional March presidential primary while making minimal changes in current law.

Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman has agreed to be the co-prime sponsor in the Senate. House Majority Leader Dominick Moreno, a Democrat, and House Rep. Tim Dore, a Republican, are co-prime sponsors in the House.

The new bill, SB16-216, was introduced in the Senate this morning. It could be before the full Senate for consideration as early as this afternoon.

"Senate Bill 216 restores Colorado's traditional presidential primary with no changes to the June primary and as few changes to election law as possible," said Lundberg. "We are not trying to reinvent the primary system in Colorado. Senate Bill 216 is a simple addition to the presidential selection process for the people of Colorado."

A House presidential primary bill, HB1454, has been held up by amendments and concerns over how unaffiliated voters would participate in all Democrat and Republican primaries. SB-216 only applies to the presidential primary and makes no changes to the biannual June primary.

The Senate's bill does not reduce or alter an Unaffiliated voter's ability to vote in a major party's presidential primary. Any unaffiliated voter can walk into any polling station right up to election day and register as a Republican or Democrat and then vote in that party's presidential primary.

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