Bill to Promote all-of-the-above Energy Policy Passes First Test

DENVER—Today, the Senate Finance Committee approved Senator Bob Gardner's (R-El Paso County) bill to remove penalties for the installation of solar energy devices.

In 2011, then-Representative Bob Gardner fought to pass House Bill 1199 to limit the fees charged for the installation of solar devices on residential properties. 

The current fee limits enacted through HB 11-1199 are set to expire next year. Senate Bill 17-179 extends the caps on fees, allowing solar installation prices to remain consistent through 2025.

"I am always cautions about government subsidizing programs or technologies, however, in this instance government is penalizing Coloradans and small businesses," said Gardner. "That cannot continue. Removing fees and penalties for consumers, allowing the free market to flourish, and encouraging a truly all-of-the-above energy policy, is an example of the good economic stewardship with which the taxpayers have charged us as elected officials."

Senate Bill 179 now moves on to a vote of the Committee of the Whole.

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