Bill to Hash out MJ Grey Market Passes Senate

Denver—Today, the Senate approved Senator Bob Gardner's (R-El Paso County) proposal to curb Colorado's grey market marijuana grows. 

House Bill 17-1220 sets a limit for the number of marijuana plants a medical marijuana patient or caregiver may raise in a residential area. 

Current law allows a local government to establish a per resident limit for the amount of marijuana plants grown in a home. This unenforceable policy has spurred the growth of cartels and unlawful grows in Colorado's suburban and residential neighborhoods.

HB 1220 establishes 12 as the maximum amount of plants allowed for medical marijuana patients or caregivers unless otherwise permitted by local law enforcement officials.  

"Most of our patients and caregivers are doing the right thing," said Gardner. "We want to ensure that we are giving those with genuine medical need for these plants the ability to continue their treatment, while keeping our communities as safe as possible from the cartels and criminals who are encroaching on suburban Colorado. Giving law enforcement the tools to be able to root out those bad actors, build a case, and press charges strengthens the system for patients with real need."

House Bill 1220 now moves back to the House for consideration of amendments. 

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