Bill in the Works Could Cut DMV Wait Times, Improve Service

Trips to the Department of Motor Vehicles are almost as dreaded as visits to the dentist these days, given the long waits and slow service for which these offices are known. But Republican State Senator Ray Scott, of Grand Junction, hopes to improve DMV services, while reducing DMV-induced dread, by outsourcing certain agency functions to private third parties.

Although complete details of the proposal won't be known until a bill is drafted, the idea won provisional approval of the Transportation Legislative Review Committee Wednesday on a bipartisan vote, giving Scott hope that it could eventually get a legislative green light.

"This just seems like a common sense way to improve customer service and convenience, while reducing costs and eliminating the DMV logjam that so many Coloradans find so frustrating," Scott said after the vote. "It's one way to deliver these services to Coloradans at times and places that are convenient for them, not for government. And by partnering with trusted private sector entities, perhaps we’ll get more private sector-like efficiencies and customer services along the way."

Given the strains that high demand and limited resources place on DMV offices, along with the fact that they aren’t conveniently located for many Coloradans, Scott believes that outsourcing certain services to trusted third parties may be the answer to chronically-clogged DMV offices. At least ten other states have successfully experimented with similar approaches, according to Scott, and there's no reason why Colorado shouldn't. 

Nothing is guaranteed where the legislative process is concerned, but Scott believes early bipartisan buy-in improves the chances this cost-cutting measure might fly.  

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