Ballot Selfies "Trending" in Senate

DENVER -- Today, the Senate, passed House Bill 17-1014, carried  by Senator Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs) on a second reading vote.

HB-1014 gives voters the green light to take selfies with their prepared ballots.
Voters have been prohibited from sharing the contents of their ballots since 1891.
In Colorado, posting or sharing “ballot selfies” is considered a misdemeanor thats carries a fine of $1,000  and up to a year in prison.
HB-1014 provides Colorado voters the opportunity to disclose their ballot content and show their support for a candidate.
"Coloradans are some of the most civically engaged voters in this country, and if posting 'ballot selfies' encourages greater participation in our state's elections then we must continue to remove barriers for Colorado voters," said Hill. "Our nation was founded on the core value of free political speech and we owe it to the Founders to continue to uphold that value."
House Bill 1014 will be heard on third reading in the Senate before continuing on to the House.
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