Ballot Selfie Bill Gets First "Like"

Denver--Today, the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee passed House Bill 17-1014 on a bipartisan vote. 

HB 1014, sponsored by Senator Owen Hill, modifies the Uniform Election Code of 1965 to remove the provision prohibiting voters from revealing the contents of their ballot after it has been prepared. 

Current Colorado law prohibiting voters from sharing completed ballots was passed in 1891. 

18 other states have similar measures prohibiting "ballot selfies." Colorado, along with several other states, went to court in 2016 to determine the legality of these photos. 



"This is really a question of removing burdensome limitations on our First Amendment right to free speech," said Hill. 

"Our unique mail-in election system allows Colorado to continue to pioneer new frontiers, stand up for personal freedom, and increase voter turnout. Free political speech is one of the central tenants the Founders envisioned while writing the First Amendment, this ongoing effort is just one more way Colorado Republicans are working to defend your vote."

House Bill 1014 now moves on to a vote of the Committee of the Whole. 

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