Anti-Sexting PSAs from Colorado Film School to Air Soon

Denver -- In the wake of the widely-publicized "sexting" scandal at Colorado's Canon City High School, State Senator Kevin Grantham (R-Canon City) teamed with Donald Zuckerman, of the Colorado Film Commission, to produce PSAs designed to educate and help kids who may find themselves in a similar situation.

These 30 second ads, two of which are in Spanish, present different scenarios in which teenagers are seen reevaluating their actions, with the ad asking the question. "Is it worth it?" The date for airing has not been set yet.

A link to the PSAs can be found here.

Senator Grantham hosted a Town Hall in December at which the relationship between sexting cases and child pornography law was discussed. The feedback came from a wide array of parents and teachers that ranged from wanting more direct action from the District Attorney’s office to those seeking to provide more education to the students about the risks of sexting.

Grantham said he hopes these PSAs will help reduce the potential danger and risk for teenagers, by helping them avoid such situations altogether. "It's painfully obvious, based on this episode, that we as parents and teachers as well as our students need to be more aware of what consequences are by engaging in these activities," Grantham said. "Since it’s also clear that the 'sexting' phenomenon isn’t limited to one school or community, my hope is that these PSAs can benefit schools across the entire state."

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