Scott Talks Transportation Priorities with Colorado Asphalt Pavers Association

Denver — During a Wednesday night appearance before the Colorado Asphalt Pavers Association, Sen Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction) told attendees that the state’s transportation problems are often misunderstood.

“We don’t have a revenue problem, but a spending priority problem when it comes to funding transportation infrastructure,” said Scott. “Until and unless we change our spending priorities, it will become more and more difficult to find desperately needed dollars for transportation.”   

The need to focus on transportation infrastructure is real, Scott told association members. But additional funds should not simply be extracted from taxpayers who already are burdened with big tax bills. “The funds are there,” said Scott, pointing to this year’s $27 billion state budget. “It’s just that they have been allocated in ways that don’t serve our needs proportionally.”   

Especially hard hit are rural parts of the state like Mesa County, in Scott’s district, one of 46 Colorado counties recently identified as economically “distressed.” Transportation needs in rural parts of the state are great, but the funding just isn’t there, according to Scott. And he just doesn’t see how these counties can contribute any more than they already are.   

“It is very difficult for distressed counties to pay their share of transportation funding when they are already struggling to make ends meet,” said Scott. “We at the Statehouse need to take inventory of our spending and find a funding stream for critical road and bridge work, despite other budget pressures and demands.”  

Unless we do that, said Scott, all the talk about what a “priority” this is is just empty rhetoric.   

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