Scott Shocked by Game-Playing on Gas Line Safety

Denver -- Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee today stripped language from Senate Bill 301 that would have required oil and gas operators to inspect the integrity of flow lines throughout the state. Following the tragedy in Firestone on April 17, Governor Hickenlooper ordered the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission to pressure-check all flowlines within 1,000 feet of any building regardless of when the line was installed or taken out of service.

Section 3 of Senate Bill 301 would have put this executive order into state statute, and required the commission to report back to the state legislature every thirty days until pressure-checks and accompanying documentation was completed on all flow lines in Colorado.

“Less than 24 hours ago, Democrats were saying that something must be done to reassure the public about gas line safety, but today, apparently because this proposal was made by Republicans, they decide that it’s not, by removing this important provision from an energy bill,” said SB-301 author Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction). “It’s appalling to see Democrats obstructing legislation that’s not just supported by the governor, but would have given communities around the state some additional peace of mind.”

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commented 2017-05-11 08:00:58 -0600 · Flag
Seriously, it’s embarrassing to be affiliated with either party! Can’t anyone just put party politics aside and do the right thing?
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