Priola Bill Would Recognize Biliteracy on High School Diploma

Denver — Coloradans who graduate High School with a fluency in at least two languages could soon have that increasingly-important job skill noted on their diplomas, if a bill that cleared its first hurdle Wednesday makes it to the Governor's desk.

Senator Kevin Priola (R-Brighton), who authored Senate Bill 123, told the Senate Education Committee that advertising a graduate's biliteracy on a diploma not only would encourage students to study a second language, but it would impress college admissions offices and improve a certificate-holders job prospects.   

Education Committee Members evidently agreed, approving Priola's bill with bipartisan support. 

"By allowing school districts in our state to publicly recognize and credential academic achievement in the study of foreign languages, the seal of biliteracy will give universities and potential employers an additional tool to evaluate an applicant’s qualifications and skill set," Said Priola. "With a significant number of Colorado’s most prominent employers seeking bilingual candidates, Colorado students who have received this seal in foreign language proficiency will be highly competitive for positions in these key industries and excel in the increasingly global economy." 

Senate Bill 123 next goes before the Senate for consideration. 

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