Grantham Lauds Ruling That May Help with Attainable Housing

Denver — Monday’s ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court on an esoteric but important element of construction defect law won praise from Senate President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Canon City), who, along with the rest of the Republican Caucus, has for years been fighting to clear away the legal barriers that discourage the building of affordable multi-unit housing across Colorado.

“While taking a construction defect case to court should remain an option for homeowners who believe they have a strong case and can’t get resolution through any other means, it’s often in everyone’s best interests to resolve these disputes earlier, faster and cheaper, through binding arbitration, for instance,” said Grantham, after the ruling was handed down. “This ruling not only blocks homeowners’ associations from simply rewriting contract clauses with which they disagree, but it could help speed the equitable resolution of such disputes by making costly and time-consuming trips to court the last resort, rather than a first.”

Builders who do defective work must be held accountable, stressed Grantham. “But finding ways to avoid prolonged and costly court battles and resolve these cases through other means will benefit not just home-buyers but home-builders, who currently avoid the entry-level home market because of the high risks and costs of unnecessary litigation.”

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