1,755 More Insurance Policies Cancelled in Colorado Due to ObamaCare

(Denver) – On Friday, February 21, the Colorado Department of Insurance (DOI) responded to a request from Senate Republicans asking for a monthly report of the number of insurance policies cancelled in Colorado due to ObamaCare. Senate Republicans also requested that DOI detail this information by county. 

Today, the Department of Insurance issued a letter to Senate Republicans detailing that 1,755 more insurance policies in Colorado have been cancelled due to ObamaCare in addition to the 335,486 cancellations already reported by DOI. 

Upon receiving the new information provided by DOI, Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman (R-Colorado Springs) responded, “Thousands of Colorado families who were already struggling in this lagging economy will now also have to deal with having their insurance policy cancelled due to ObamaCare. Democrats promised Coloradans that if they like their healthcare plan they can keep it – clearly this isn’t the case. Colorado’s Senate Republicans will continue to fight for more transparency in government so that our citizens can see the impact laws passed out of Denver and Washington have on their lives.” 

Read the letter to Senate Republicans on policy cancellations from DOI here.

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